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Boasting millions of users globally, Instagram stands as a widely recognized social media platform. This app enables users to share diverse images, videos, and glimpses into their daily routines. The platform facilitates a mutual following system, where users can follow others, and others can follow them in return. Additionally, Instagram is a hub for a myriad of video content, with users frequently posting videos that resonate with their audience, garnering appreciation and likes. Some users wish to get these vedios directly in their phone gallery. But it looks impossible. Nevertheless, downloading media to your device is limited when using the official Instagram app. You are unable to download stories, videos, or images that people share.

Instagram video Download is the answer to your problem. You can quickly obtain any user's vedio with the help of this tool. Any video on Instagram can be downloaded to your phone by using the Instagram video Download. For those who wish to download an Instagram video, this software is the greatest choice. You can also save an infinite number of videos on Instagram with it.

How To Download Videos From Instagram?

That being said, downloading Instagram videos is a simple process. Three simple steps will help you do it with ease. Technical expertise or training is not required. Even the average person could do it with ease. You have to adhere to the guidelines provided:


Copy the link URL

Choose your favourite Instagram video, click on it, and then use your Android or iPhone device to copy the video's URL. Copying links from the pop-up menu on the screen is simple for users to do.


Copy the URL

You must paste the link into the downloader from the designated space after copying it. Just copy the link and select "Download" from the menu.

Download Results


Finally, your video will download and save in the download section or gallery of your phone when you select the "download" option.

Download Instagram video

Instagram Video Download

Users can download Instagram videos with just one click by using the Instagram video Download. You won't have to worry about your favourite vedios being directed in your gallery anymore. So get unlimited videos with the help of this tool. Additionally, there is no fee associated with using this feature. The video link you have chosen must be available to the public, as downloading will not be feasible otherwise. Users who have a private account should read this guideline before downloading the video as it will not be accessible.

Instagram Video Download

Final Remarks

Instagram video download is a worthy solution for downloading Instagram videos. However, Official Instagram can not provide access to this service. But igram offers the solution to your issue and you can easily pick your favourite video with just a click.


Q. Are there any limits on the number of videos I can download?

No, users can download unlimited videos with the help of this tool.

Q. Is there a fee for using the Instagram video download offered by igram?

Instagram Video Download offers the video download option free of cost.

Q. Which devices can be used with this built-in downloader?

No matter which device you are using Android or iPhone. Users must ensure that they have enough space in this device.

Q. What is an Instagram video download?

Instagram Video Download is an online video downloader tool. Users can use this tool without facing any difficulty. You are required to paste the link of the Instagram video and download it directly on your phone memory.

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