The social media app Instagram provides content like images, vedios, reels, stories, and IGTVs. Users can like, and comment on these posts. Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow users to download all this content on your device.

For downloading the content, you need a best quality downloader. When you discover the internet various downloaders are available. It is difficult to choose the best option from all of them. iGram is one of the best options that you can use to download the media content of Instagram.

i Gram is an online software that is used to download Instagram videos, reels, photos, and other media. You can use this on any device, and the downloading process is straightforward for instance, phones and PCs. Further, users can use this amazing software free of charge.

How To Download Media From Instagram?

Online tool iGram is the best option for downloading any type of media like photos, videos, reels, and IGTVs. Users can download the content with the help of three easy steps. The following is the method to download the Instagram media with the help of following instructions.


Copy the URL

Access the Instagram application or website, and copy the URL of the desired photo, video, carousel, or IGTV content.


Paste the link

Return to iGram, paste the copied link into the designated field, and click the Download button.

Download results


Promptly receive the results with multiple quality options; download the version that best suits your requirements.

iGram Features

Instagram Video Download is an online service for downloading media free of cost. It is compatible with any device because it is an online service. To operate this service, you need a browser to open the website of iGram and download your favourite media from Instagram. It offers various features that you can use. The following are the details of these functions:

Instagram Video Download

Another remarkable feature of the iGram online downloader is that you can also download videos from Instagram. Users can use any device to get Instagram videos.

Instagram Video Download

Instagram Story Download

Easily download Instagram stories by entering the link with our free tool. No account needed, and it's entirely anonymous for your convenience.

Instagram Story Downloader

Instagram Photos Download

iGram online service provides access to single images and multiple images of Instagram posts. Users can easily download any photo directly from their phone gallery.

Instagram Photos Downloader

Instagram IGTV Download

IGTV is the type of long video on Instagram that you will miss watching. So, you can download these videos and watch them later in offline mode. So, no worries, even IGTV will be deleted because you saved it on your device.

Instagram IGTV Downloader

Instagram Reels Download

Download the Instagram reels with the help of iGram. Using the reels downloader service of this online platform get all your favourite reels directly on your device.

Instagram Reel Downloader

Album Downloader

Sometimes, photos are available in the form of albums. Users can also download these albums using the iGram album downloader. It will not take any charges for using this function.

Instagram Album Downloader


iGram platform provides the service of downloading the media of Instagram. The process is simple and you can easily download any type of Instagram media. It provides multiplier services like photo reels, videos, and iGTV downloaders free of cost and unlimited.


Q. What Is Instagram Video Downloader?

It is an online tool that you can use on your browser and download any media from Instagram in a handy way.

Q. What Type of File Format does iGram Support for downloading?

The most used format for photos is now jpg and for the videos mp4 format. iGram also supports these formats.

Q. What devices are compatible with the iGram downloader?

Fortunately, it is an online tool and for operating this service you need a browser on your device. However, it is compatible with any device like Android, iPhone, PC, tablet, etc.

Q. Are there any limits to the number of videos I can download?

There is no limitation for downloading the media. Users can get unlimited videos.

Q. Can I Save other than video content on this site?

Yes, iGram offers various others like photos, reels, and IGTV content on Instagram.

Q. How to download Instagram videos and photos online?

It is so simple, just copy the link of the required content, paste it into the given place, and tap to download it.

Q. Can I Download photos and videos from any user?

Users can only download the media which is publicly posted and available. However, you will not get access to the private content of any user.

Q. What is the highest quality of images and videos I can download?

However, the quality of media depends on its original quality. But the photo quality available is 1080, 1350 pixels and the video quality is HD 720p.